Agent rants

Got a good story? Clients making you crazy? Market getting you down? Want to get something off your chest? This is the place to do it. Tell us what's driving you nuts about being in real estate.

You can submit your rants using the button to the left. We'll post them in this section and let the community weigh in.

Rant: Do what's best for your clients, not for yourself

In this rant, Joan Rogliano offers some great advice for agents who are working with a divorcing couple.

Rant: Serve your clients, but stick to your area of expertise

Paralegals giving financial advice? Lawyers giving real estate advice? Bad idea. The best way to serve clients is with a team of individual experts.

Rant: A little communication, please!

An agent shares her frustration with working with other agents who fail to engage in simple communication—like picking up the phone

Rant: Why is it that we have all the indicators of a boom market, but low activity?

Jay Sier of Fort Collins rants about agents spreading misinformation through social media.

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